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133 West 19th Street #2, New York, NY 10011, USA
133 W 19th St #2 New York, NY 10011
Taylor Hodson is a New York City-based staffing firm located in Chelsea providing permanent and temporary administrative support staff to the New York Metropolitan area for over 20 years. Whether you are a client seeking to fill a position or a candidate seeking employment, Taylor Hodson is here to provide solutions.
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Jia J.
New York, NY

5.0 star rating 5/13/2013

I also agree with Marita S. that Taylor Hodson Staffing deserves MUCH more credit than a few people have given them.

First off, these businesses exist because they take a cut of what would conceivably be a part of your salary at the job that you can only pretty much find through them. Lots of these jobs are low paying $9-$20 (which is low if you have to pay back debts from a fucking grad degree that got you nowhere but into a deep hole). The jobs are also dependent upon the clients that the temp service happens to have. The temp service is beholden to the type of employee that the CLIENT seeks, so who they call is an enigmatic blend between availability and fit.

In these lean times, no one’s special, so forget what your mom told you. The last time temp services guaranteed a job was pre-2009. Now, applicants WILL outweigh vacancies, even in jobs you’d be above doing . When there’s activity, the staffing office will be busy as hell, unable to tend to your emotional needs or even contact you if you don’t fit into a spot they need to fill.

That said, you can’t fault an agency. Don’t hate them; hate this terrible economy and the trend of most businesses (non-profits included) in paying staffing services because they would rather do that then commit to salarying people when it’s not a sure thing. They are the ones who want to get overqualified people to work for clerical per-hour pay rates. But what YOU get out of it is a gig you normally wouldn’t have had – or a gig, period. It gives you the freedom to jump around if you are an artistic or freelancing type. You can also walk away with any connections or experiences that you gain from temp experiences, however short they are.

Moving on: I found a gender balanced office on my first visit to the site. As for any male claiming that the company is sexist…are you kidding me? I still don’t think there is any professional environment in which a woman has a given advantage over a man. And even if she does, it’s little payback for the eternity of chauvinism that preceded workplace equality. Men whining that women get all the jobs should consider how that comes off. Man up and compete, because the game just got harder…for men and for women. So take it like a “man.”

When I walked into Taylor Hodson, I was completely at the end of my rope after a long, disconcerting bout of unemployment. I met several of the staff (again, a small group of women AND men), and basically poured my heart out and said how I was one breath away from peacing out to Alaska…and so on and so forth.

The agent who took on my case, listened…she really listened, and if she thought I was kind of a whacko, she didn’t let it show. Then, she got really practical, and spent a good portion of an hour asking me pretty insightful questions, gaining knowledge of my background and skills and my specifications/desires for future work.

Knowing I was totally desperate for income, she hooked me up with a very easy 3-day stint at a huge investment firm between Christmas and New Year’s. Though three days sounds ridiculous, it made all the difference to me, and made up the last bit of rent I needed and helped me buy groceries for January.

She then called me up a couple more times, floating options that hadn’t even been stated in my preferences, just in case. Foolishly, I refused, and was going to be really up the creek when I finally got a full time job. I let her know, but said that I was always open to an upgrade. However, I did not expect that she would waste her time tending to someone already situated in a salaried position.

BUT SHE DID. She contacted me about an opportunity when I was a few weeks into the job. I followed through and things went well. From there on out, she followed through all the way, personally mediating and negotiating on my behalf even when the company decided to hire me permanently and was going to therefore pay a premium to the staffing agency anyway.

Am I giving five stars just because I happened to get really lucky after being unlucky as fuck for a block solid year? Well, yeah, but so? It’s pretty clear to me that none of this would have been possible without this particular staffing agency and the thoughtfulness of one of its employees even after other places would have dusted their hands of me since I already had a job.

Before you rip up a staffing agency for not getting you what you want, you might want to remind yourself that in this situation more than ever, it’s just business. It’s a business about business, for Christ’s sake, so don’t take it personal if they don’t treat you like a career counselor at an Ivy. What matters is attentiveness and resourcefulness, and you’ll get that here, Whether your conversations with T.H. ends up in a job or not is up to a LOT more than the quality of this business and your worth as a member of society. Just remember that.

Tanner H.
Bushwick, NY

3.0 star rating 12/11/2014

They were helpful in getting some decent interviews, but have since disappeared. Nice people all over the office, but I was never staffed even for daily work.

More Yelp reviews at http://www.yelp.com/biz/taylor-hodson-staffing-inc-new-york

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