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870 7th Avenue, New York, NY 10019, USA
870 7th Ave New York, NY 10019
We help people score higher on standardized tests by improving their skills. Our company is renowned for its live and online courses, groundbreaking research, and extensive instructor training. With TestMasters, dedicated students can surpass even their own expectations. Coaching for LSAT, GMAT, GRE, SAT, PSAT, ACT
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Daniel S.
Yorkville, Manhattan, NY

5.0 star rating

I took the Testmaster’s 3-month class for LSAT exam on September 27th, 2014. I have to say that taking this program was a necessary and a great idea to do before taking the exam. From the experience of studying and taking the exam, I really do believe that one cannot study LSAT by himself because LSAT isn’t based on memorizing and cramming but more on understanding and experiencing.
And I had a great experience learning and understanding LSAT and its questions in the classes. Our instructor, Andrei Ignat, is an amazing instructor who really cares about how well his students do. He goes over as many questions as he can in a painstaking manner so that his students can understand what is going on in the questions. Furthermore, not only was the class instructive and concise, but it was also enjoyable and fun. Whenever I took a train heading to class, I always expected to have a good time smiling and laughing while learning LSAT, which is rare for a 4-hour class, because Andrei allowed us to have a good time while learning.
Of course, while the instructor and the class structure may be very fundamental to one’s improvement in the LSAT exam, the most important thing for one to do well in the exam is for him to just continuously do the homework and the practice exams daily. I am very thankful for all the practice exams and the real LSAT questions in the homework that Testmasters provided, because although my first initial practice exam was poor, I could see myself really improve week by week as I spent all my days doing as much homework as I can, as well as doing all the practice exams that were provided.
So although Testmaster provides great instructors and instructive courses, the most important thing for students is to really do all the homework and the practice exams that are provided.

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