Workforce Solutions of Central Texas

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200 North Main Street, Belton, TX 76513, USA
200 N. Main Street,, (P.O. Box 450), Belton, TX 76513
Central Texas Workforce System services are developed to promote the delivery of programs and services to meet the needs of business, industry, and workers. These services are designed to place Texans in jobs and to equip workers with the skills needed to foster economic development. We work with employers, employees, and the general public to achieve these goals.
Yelp reviews of Workforce Solutions

Max R.
Houston, TX

4.0 star rating 10/13/2014

Good agency with plenty of tools to help you and your family. Call ahead to check computer availability. Try your best to arrive before 4pm as the staff is busy and may not be able to consult with you. Good luck to you & your family.

Katie W.
Houston, TX

1.0 star rating 8/29/2013

I think we can all agree that an unemployment office doesn’t really need a Yelp review, because even if you’ve never ever been to one, the idea alone is a nightmare hellscape vomitorium of crushed livelihood, but I’m actually, physically standing in this place right now, and I feel like the only way to channel my Ancient-Caveman-Pre-Language-Level RAGE is to put this here. I’ve been approached in a romantic manner twice. I can’t put any funny add-ons or dramatic adjectives in that sentence because it has killed me, spiritually. I have stopped believing in deities I’ve never even heard of. I’m pretty sure I’m going to die here, and no one will discover this review for years to come and now you’re reading this in your social studies class far into the future and there’s a black and white, melancholy portrait of me next to the passage and I ask you to remember me the way I was in that photo, because melancholy is far better than I how feel now, now that I’ve been approached romantically in the unemployment office, TWICE. If a documentarian was shooting footage of me here and you were to see it, you’d be like, “oh wow, you were in the movie Beetlejuice? Because there you are, in the waiting room scene from Beetlejuice!”, and I’d be like, “no dude, that’s the real life unemployment office, but I’m sort of LIKE Beetlejuice because I’m just a mean ghost now”. Either that, or you’d be like, “whoa, you were in Michael Jackson’s ‘THRILLER’ video?!”, and I’d be like, “no dude, that’s the real life unemployment office, but I’m sort of like that girl in the beginning of the Thriller video because I’m surrounded by monsters and super scared and probably dead now”. I’ve been here for two hours now and the woman who said she would help me two hours ago, has now moved to the front of the building and is greeting everyone who walks in. I did not know that the unemployment office had greeters, or that their greeters were horrible liars who trick you into thinking someone will help you so that they can trap you here for hours, presumably for the demon god they worship to emerge in the moonlight later to eat your innards. The man across from me at a computer station coughed directly into my face and inside of my mouth and told me he has been here for FOUR hours, and asked me if I knew any cool websites, which no I do not remember any cool websites because I think my body is now actively dying due to your death-cough that landed directly on my uvula. A small child just closed-fist punched me on my left butt cheek and I’m fairly certain this was an organized hit, but I can’t discern which nightmare-cannibal-tribe he belongs to, but a much larger blonde child with terrifying doll-curls is trying to lift him over his head, probably as a challenge from his opposing nightmare-cannibal-tribe. It is possible that both of these demon children are after me, warring bounty hunters with enemy bosses who were probably brothers at one time, but are now leaders of the two most violent factions. I am almost certain that neither of these children have parents. I think they just work here as security. The lying greeter woman who promised to help me has now disappeared, presumably due to ritual sacrifice. I am now approaching hour three. When you find this, please tell my parents I loved them, even though I was difficult, I always loved them. Please delete my browser history and make sure my dog goes to a loving home. Above all else, never come to this unemployment office. If you ever find yourself unemployed, just do the easy thing and deliver yourself unto the nearest active volcano. SIC TRANSIT GLORIA. End transmission.

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